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I am down to earth and very open minded. I am eager to please and love letting go with sex. I am very vocal and comfortable with showing my entire body up close and personal.

My fetish is seeing a man explode. There is nothing more sexy than seeing, feeling, hearing, or tasting a man when he erupts. It's my absolute favorite thing. I also love nipple play, hardcore role play and hair pulling.

I am really turned on by public sex play. The thrill is so intense and drives me wild. I also have fantasies of sex play in nature settings. The freedom that comes with being outside under the sky and letting it all go makes gets me so turned on.
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Taking her time

Chanel is usually finished very quickly when she goes to the bathroom: She does what she needs to do and then she leaves. But there are a couple of exceptions: When she is in a horny mood and when there is a cameraman around...


The long run

The local gym is, as you already know, very popular with our girls, especially after closing time. Then they can do whatever they want without being watched by curious onlookers. And today it is time for Jocelyn to do some exercises...

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